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    The M. S. Kakade College is established by the Hon. Chairman and Pioneer of Co-operative movement in Maharashtra Late. Mugutrao Sahebrao Kakade in 1972. Behind this opening of education institute their object was “Development through co-operation”. From 1972-73 this college is marching progressively to provide avenue for higher education in rural area. Every effort is made here to promote the students higher education opportunities, and in this view special attention is given to the library

    Library Staff

    Image Name Designation Qualification Experience
    Mr. R. S. More Librarian B.A., M.L.I.Sc., NET,
    (Ph.D. Research Student)
    8 Years

    Library Advisory Committee (2012-13 To 2016-17)

    Name Name of the Member Position
    1 Prin. Dr. S.R.Kenjale Chairman
    2 Dr. J. M. Salve Co-ordinator
    3 Mr. R. S. More (Librarian) Secretary
    4 Dr. J. J. Kadam Member
    5 Mr. P. Y. Tate - Deshmukh Member
    6 Mr. D. R. Dubal Member


    • Shri. A. M. Sahastrabuddhe: 1 st Librarian (16.06.1973 to 14.05.1974)
    • Shri. J. A. Ghorpade 2 nd Librarian (01.07.1975 to 30.11.2010)
    • Shri. S. P. More: 1 st Library Clerk (01.01.1978 to 31.05.2011)

    Services: Library offers following services

    • Book lending
    • Reprography
    • Extended reading room availability
    • Internet Searching and printing
    • Reference Services
    • Inter Library Loan


    Material Numbers
    Books 39167
    CDs/DVDs 111
    Journals/Magazines 42
    Newspapers 22
    • To take efforts to increase students interest in reading and research.
    • To enrich the collection of library.
    • To enrich the digital resources in the Digital Section.
    • To take membership of more libraries and share their resources.

    Library Working Hours

    • 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. (Monday to Friday)
    • 8.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. (Saturday)


    • Identity cards are mandatory in the library.
    • Use of speaker phones/headphones is not allowed in the library.
    • Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited in the library.
    • Switch of your mobile phones in the library.
    • User has to take care of the library books, if the books are torn, mishandled the user has to pay fine for the same.
    • Mutual conversation is not allowed in the library to keep the reading room environment cool and calm for studying and reading.
    • Users must be polite with the library staff.
    • Any improvement, suggestions, or complains are to be suggested to the librarian as and when required.

    Institutional Memberships

    • Jayakar Library, University of Pune
    • British Library, Pune
    • Maratha Chamber of Commerce and Industries and Agriculture, Pune

    Institutional Subscription:

    Sr. No. Name Web Adress
    1 N-list (6,000+ e-journals and 31,35,000+ e-books) http://iproxy.inflibnet.ac.in:2048/login

    Open Access Database for Researcher:

    1 Shodhganga (Free Ph.D thesis) http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in
    2 Shodhgangotri (Free Synopses/Research Proposals for PhD programme) http://shodhgangotri.inflibnet.ac.in
    3 Google Scholar (provides articles, theses, books, abstracts and court opinions) https://scholar.google.co.in/

    Free E-Books:

    1 https://books.google.co.in
    2 http://www.classicbookshelf.com/
    3 http://www.classicreader.com/
    4 http://shakespeare.mit.edu/
    5 http://www.mahasahityasanskriti.in
    6 http://ebooks.netbhet.com
    7 http://matrubharti.com/ebook/Marathi
    8 https://marathipustake.org
    9 http://www.esahity.com
    10 https://www.hindustanbooks.com
    11 https://pdfbooks.ourhindi.com
    12 http://rachana.pundir.in/2009/08/read-hindi-stories-online.html
    13 http://matrubharti.com/ebook/Hindi

    Open Access Journals:

    1 http://www.the-criterion.com
    2 http://ashvamegh.net/
    3 https://functionallinguistics.springeropen.com/
    4 http://literaryjournal.in
    5 http://www.tlhjournal.com/
    6 https://www.arcjournals.org
    7 https://www.arcjournals.org
    8 http://www.ijelr.in
    9 http://www.weeklysadhana.com
    10 http://product.sakaalmedia.com/portal/app/web/
    11 http://epaper.lokprabha.com/t/293
    12 http://www.chaprak.com
    13 http://simrj.org.in
    14 http://puneresearch.com
    15 http://www.hindijournal.com
    16 http://www.sahityakunj.net
    17 http://rsaudr.org/madhumati.php
    18 http://www.anubhuti-hindi.org
    19 https://doaj.org
    20 https://geoenvironmental-disasters.springeropen.com
    21 http://www.scirp.org/journal/ojap
    22 http://www.scirp.org/journal/ajcc

    Our Courses

    B.A. (Marathi)
    B.A. (Hindi)
    B.A. (English)
    B.A. (History)
    B.A. (Geography)
    B.A. (Political Science)
    B.A. (Economics)
    B.A. (Defence & Strategic Studies)
    B. Com.
    B.B.A. (C.A)
    B. Sc. (Physics)
    B.Sc. (Chemistry)
    B. Sc. (Microbiology)
    M. A. (Marathi)
    M. A. (Hindi)
    M.A. (History)
    M. Com. (Advance Accounting)
    M. Com. (Co-operation & Rural Development)